Are Timber Age CLT panels PRG 320 Certified?

Currently no, but Timber Age manufactures in accordance with PRG 320 standards. Our panels perform at the requirements of the standard as well. The PRG standard does not certify each panel. It certifies the manufacturing process for each panel lay up, wood species and shop location. 

Do you have a time frame for engineering testing of the panels?

Yes, we began initial testing of our panels in 2021 in collaboration with Fort Lewis College, Department of Engineering. We also engaged our glue manufacturer, Henkle in analysis of glue performance in 2021. We will continue to advance testing and verification in 2022 with the hope of having the 3-lam, ponderosa pine process certified by the end of the year or in early 2023. 

When I am budgeting for a project, I need to know what additional materials to plan for. What goes on the exterior of the panels?

Timber Age insulated wall and roof panel systems are shipped to the project ready to receive exterior cladding. The cladding will be specified by the GC and customer to fit the look and feel of the specific building. The panels can accommodate a range of cladding, roofing and siding materials. The wood battens mounted on the panels will hold screening for stucco and provide a screw surface for wood and metal siding products. Timber Age does not provide cost estimates for the exterior siding and roofing. 

What materials are included in the Timber Age panel systems?

The panel system price includes the CLT panel, air barrier (ARB), insulation spacers, insulation, weather resistant membrane (WRB), and battens for ventilation and the attachment of  siding or roofing. We ship the wall and roof panel systems ready to be sided or roofed with material specified by your project. 

What all is included in a Timber Age Value Proposal?

In the case of a custom home Timber Age supplies a Manufacturing proposal for the floor, wall and roof panel systems including all penetrations for doors, windows and services. The insulated and non-insulated panel systems are priced by square footage.

If the project calls for pre-installed windows, we will include pricing for the installation and window purchase. We can make recommendations on doors but the cost of each door will be specific to the project. 

What is not included in the manufacturing proposal or cost estimate from Timber Age?

Timber Age does not provide cost estimates for finishing details associated with plumbing and electrical, light fixtures or fittings. The Timber Age manufacturing proposal is specific to the building envelope; walls, floors and roof. Cost specifics for dirt work/excavation, concrete and foundation work need to be supplied by the customer or the chosen general contractor. 

Do you provide structural engineering if we provide the design?

We do not do in-house structural design. For the structures we have designed as "stock" structures those have undergone engineering for Colorado standards. We prefer to work with designers and architects on the conceptual design schematic stages, we then look outside for engineering support

Are you able to deliver anywhere in the US or what areas are you able to deliver to?

We have shipped to several states in the western US thus far with good results. We have, however, seen shipping costs rise as high as $4.00 a mile due to increased fuel and labor costs.  In the end the ultimate answer regarding shipping will be determined by the  project budget.

Do you provide installation as well or is there a radius from Durango that you would provide installation for?

Timber Age prefers to partner with a licensed, reputable general contractor to plan for and execute the installation of our modular panels. We have existing relationships with a small but growing number of general contractors who have experience working with CLT based designs and are happy to provide referrals upon request.

Your CLT panels are made from Ponderosa wood, are there different grades? For instance less knots vs more knots?

At the moment we offer a single grade. Our milling production rates are not high enough to create a select grade because we mill all of our own lam-stock and do not re-plane commercial 2x4 or 2x6 stock. Ponderosa is more knotty and has more color than species like larch or black spruce. Some of the CLT manufactured in eastern Canada in particular is quite pale. Timber Age is happy to provide a small sample of our CLT to clients who cannot see our materials in person.

Do you manufacture beams if needed such as a Ridge Beam or beams for larger door openings?

We have created heavy timber beams for a few projects but do not produce glu-lam. We prefer to work with Vaagen Timber or Rosboro for Glu-lam stock. 

Are you able to provide a full prefab building or cabin option for a client if they requested this? Meaning could you build it all, minus foundation, deliver it to a site?

Timber Age is consistently adding to our portfolio of pre-designed and pre-engineered modular structures. We are also ready to work with your architect or designer to create a structure which will work well with our manufacturing constraints. We specialize in the creation of modular panelized building envelopes (floor, wall, roof). Please provide us with a conceptual design for the proposed structure and we can quickly determine how much of the structure we can create.