Proven Innovation and Leadership

The Timber Age Team

Passionate, driven, grounded and willing to risk for the sake of social change.

Matt Betts

Value Stream Manager

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Connor Eggleton-Dessel

Business Development Lead

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Riley Wanzek

Process Technician

Ryan Bailey

Process Technician

Fernando Murillo

Process Technician

Renata Martinez

Process Technician

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Nick Longoli

Process Technician

Kyle Hanson

Founder and CEO

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Chris Hamm

VP of Building Systems & Engineering 

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Our Trusted Advisors

Part of the Timber Age Vision is the creation and support of a connected system of entrepreneurs working together with common purpose. In this spirit, we are continually developing a growing network of passionate and knowledgable professionals willing to share for the good of our communities.

Whether self-employed or moonlighting, Timber Age is lucky to have a wide range of expertise spanning the following fields of learning and industries:

  • Information Technology
  • Commercial Development & Real Estate
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Excellence
  • Project Management
  • Supply Chain Dynamics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Construction Management, and
  • Forestry
Brian Ritterman is a systems architect for Cisco by day and an IT ninja for Timber Age Systems by night. He brings a vast knowledge of development frameworks to our world.

Brian Ritterman

Lucky for us, Liney Parker is helping us develop strong brands for Timber Age Systems as a recent graduate from Grove City College with a degree in Entrepreneurship.

Caroline Parker

Ryan Blasdell is using his extensive career in commercial and residential development to help Timber Age Systems address the needs and values of the development space.

Ryan Blasdell

Sara Olsen & Associates leads our brand strategy efforts. Sara's long history of helping organizations thrive in the Four Corners is one of our secret weapons.

Sara Olsen

Wilson Hagg is a man of many, many talents and inversely proportional amounts of free time. Needless to say, we are thankful for his expertise spanning construction, forestry, farming and fabrication.

Wilson Hagg

Robert Finesseth has built about everything a person would need to build. Whether addressing mechanical failures or practicing his craft of fine woodworking, his willingness to share is priceless.

Robert Finesseth

Justin Osborn is one of the state's most accomplished realtors. His experiences and influence span a broad collection of geography, expertise and situations. Timber Age and our customers make better decisions thanks to Justin.

Justin Osborn

James Biro's counsel on everything from chemical engineering, to team dynamics, to supply chain management is worth its weight in gold. We're thankful for his demonstration of humility and abundant wisdom.

James Biro

Although early in his career, Sam Manning has already demonstrated success in everything from forestry to building science. He is excited to envision and execute game-changing ideas.

Sam Manning

Matt Clark's vision for how architecture can change the world is both challenging and inspiring. Timber Age is thankful to count Clark & Chapin Architects as friends & advisors.

Matt Clark

As team member #2 and the Co-Founder of Timber Age, Andy's amazing ability to connect people and concepts together for progress is a key reason for our existence.

Andy Hawk