From Prototypes to Fully Built Structures, We are Producing CLT for the Rural Community

Timber Age Systems has rapidly moved from initial prototyping of Ponderosa Pine based CLT panel production to the manufacture and realization of full scale CLT based ponderosa pine structures. Below are some examples of how we are transforming the way we design and build in rural communities.  

Osborn Family Outdoor Kitchen

The Osborn Family, who have been key advisors to Timber Age from the very beginning, came to us with a concept for an outdoor kitchen to house their smoker and grill and to provide a space to celebrate the fantastic climate of southwest Colorado with friends and family over a great meal. This project gave Timber Age the opportunity to create a ponderosa pine CLT structure that would satisfy the 2018 Wood Innovation Grant so we jumped on the opportunity. The idea of a humble outdoor eating space grew into a beautiful CLT and timber framed, 100% ponderosa pine structure which became a first of its kind in southern Colorado. Timber Age partnered with Lighthouse Construction from Mancos Colorado to erect the timber frame trusses and CLT panel systems. Have a look at the photo gallery to see the evolution of the Osborn Kitchen.