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  • What is CLT?

    Cross Laminated Timber is at the foundation of the Timber Age building system
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  • Structures Crafted from Abundant, Sustainable Local Resources

    Timber Age is an integral part of a renaissance in thoughtful, sustainable and local use of timber resources 
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  • Local Structures from Local Lumber

    Local use of Ponderosa Pine is essential to forest health and lower building costs
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The Building Industry is Broken

Timber Age is Transforming the Way We Build

$3B Spent Every Year on Colorado Wood Products

Of this $3B spend, only 10% buys wood from Colorado.

Unhealthy Forests

Statewide, Colorado forests  are suffering from overgrowth, insect damage and increased risk of high intensity wildfire.

These overgrown forests become a source of carbon emissions instead of helping store atmospheric carbon.

Few Options for Innovative Builders

Buildings large and small are going up the same way they have for the last 100+ years. 

Our stagnant building industry hasn't fully benefitted from recent advancements in materials science, continuous improvement and integrated planning.

Advanced building solutions are at our fingertips, yet we still have skilled tradespeople sorting twisted two by fours in the snow. We can do better.


First to Market​, Stronger by Layers

Timber Age is the first producer of Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) in the Southwest. CLT is made by gluing boards together in alternating layers at right angles to one another. Basically, it’s a little like the Jenga game with glue!  Gluing the boards together creates a wall, floor or ceiling stiffer and straighter than traditionally framed systems.

Wood Living

CLT was developed in Europe more than two decades ago as a replacement for steel and concrete walls, floors and ceilings in large-scale buildings. CLT is more fire-resistant than traditional construction and also produces more energy-efficient structures requiring significantly less heating and cooling effort.

More recently, CLT is being used successfully in smaller buildings, like single family and small multi-family units due to shorter construction times and less re-work at the job site.

The structural, load-bearing CLT wall panel becomes the interior wall surface. CLT provides the ideal blank canvas for those that enjoy the look of wood, but walls can also be finished traditionally. From a clean modern edge to a traditional country look, a finished CLT interior delivers a range of options fit to nearly any structure. 

​Local Wood, Local Panels = Local Building Innovation

Durango, CO

Timber Age is located in Durango Colorado, an area with a rich history in the timber industry and a region with abundant forest products. While the timber industry has been small and somewhat dormant in Southwest Colorado for the last few decades, Timber Age and others are starting to change that trend.

Ponderosa Pine

Our initial raw material is Ponderosa Pine. It is a tree iconic to western forests and one that used to be a major component of the western forest products industry. The local forests in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) and at the lower elevations of our local mountains are predominantly treed with Ponderosa Pine. 

Sustainable Harvest

Ponderosa Pine forests are primarily second growth, sprouting from harvest which may have occurred as far back as the 1930’s. This secondary growth, as beautiful as it may be, is being impacted by tree mortality and high intensity wildfire. All of these factors make Ponderosa Pine a sustainable and logical raw material for locally produced CLT and other mass timber elements.

CLT Backbone

With a 3" thick, Ponderosa Pine CLT panel as a starting point, Timber Age makes panels perfect for the challenges of building in Rural Rocky Mountain Communities.

Our smaller form factor allows easier transport, applications across home and commercial structures without sacrificing the inherent advantages of CLT.

Integrated Wall System

For wall and roof applications, Timber Age offers a cladding-ready building panel with outboard, foam-free insulation and domestically-sourced breathable membranes. 

Design Guidance

Designing and building with an integrated system offers the following advantages:

  • 40% faster assembly
  • 25% less expense
  • Net-zero ready

Timber Age understands adopting a new system comes means a learning curve. We have partnered with a network of innovative design professionals and builders to provide qualified guides when you are ready to innovate.

Proven Innovation and Leadership

The Timber Age Team

Passionate, driven, experienced, grounded and willing to risk for the sake of social change.

Matt Betts

Value Stream Manager

more about Matt

Connor Eggleton-Dessel

Process Technician

more about Connor

Fernando Murillo

Process Technician

Kyle Hanson

Founder and CEO

more about Kyle

Andy Hawk

Co-founder, Business Development

more about Andy

Our Trusted Advisors

Part of the Timber Age Vision is the creation and support of a connected system of entrepreneurs working together with common purpose. In this spirit, we are continually developing a growing network of passionate and knowledgable professionals willing to share for the good of our communities.

Whether self-employed or moonlighting, Timber Age is lucky to have a wide range of expertise spanning the following fields of learning and industries:

  • Information Technology
  • Commercial Development & Real Estate
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Excellence
  • Project Management
  • Supply Chain Dynamics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Construction Management, and
  • Forestry
Brian Ritterman is a systems architect for Cisco by day and an IT ninja for Timber Age Systems by night. He brings a vast knowledge of development frameworks to our world.

Brian Ritterman

Lucky for us, Liney Parker is helping us develop strong brands for Timber Age Systems as a recent graduate from Grove City College with a degree in Entrepreneurship.

Caroline Parker

Ryan Blasdell is using his extensive career in commercial and residential development to help Timber Age Systems address the needs and values of the development space.

Ryan Blasdell

Sara Olsen & Associates leads our brand strategy efforts. Sara's long history of helping organizations thrive in the Four Corners is one of our secret weapons.

Sara Olsen

Wilson Hagg is a man of many, many talents and inversely proportional amounts of free time. Needless to say, we are thankful for his expertise spanning construction, forestry, farming and fabrication.

Wilson Hagg

Robert Finesseth has built about everything a person would need to build. Whether addressing mechanical failures or practicing his craft of fine woodworking, his willingness to share is priceless.

Robert Finesseth

Justin Osborn is one of the state's most accomplished realtors. His experiences and influence span a broad collection of geography, expertise and situations. Timber Age and our customers make better decisions thanks to Justin.

Justin Osborn

James Biro's counsel on everything from chemical engineering, to team dynamics, to supply chain management is worth its weight in gold. We're thankful for his demonstration of humility and abundant wisdom.

James Biro

Although early in his career, Sam Manning has already demonstrated success in everything from forestry to building science. He is excited to envision and execute game-changing ideas.

Sam Manning

Matt Clark's vision for how architecture can change the world is both challenging and inspiring. Timber Age is thankful to count Clark & Chapin Architects as friends & advisors.

Matt Clark