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Factory Built Modular Housing is Critical to Solving the Housing Crisis

Panelized Modular Buildings and Building Components

Whether you are looking for stock designs or custom building components for your project we are here to assist. 

Reduce Framing Time

We build the cross laminated timber based walls, floors and roofs in our shop so your framing crew can move more quickly. 

Increase Speed to Occupancy

Reducing project cost in modern building is paramount, especially for budget conscious projects. Compressing the project life cycle through modular build is proven to reduce cost. 

The Timber Age Modular Building System (TAMBS)


Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) Backbone

Our system begins with a CLT panel.  CLT is made by gluing boards together in alternating layers at right angles to one another.   Gluing the boards together creates a wall, floor or ceiling stiffer and straighter than traditionally framed systems.

Besides being beautiful to look at, the 3" thick CLT backbone replaces traditional studs, floor joists and roof framing elements. It also provides an idea surface on which we build up the insulation and membrane elements of the system. 

Durango, CO

Timber Age is located in Durango Colorado, an area with a rich history in the timber industry and a region with abundant forest products. While the timber industry has been small and somewhat dormant in Southwest Colorado for the last few decades, Timber Age and others are starting to change that trend.

Ponderosa Pine

Our initial raw material is Ponderosa Pine. Ponderosa is a tree iconic to western forests and one that used to be a major component of the western forest products industry. The local forests in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) and at the lower elevations of our local mountains are predominantly treed with Ponderosa Pine. 

Sustainable Harvest

Ponderosa Pine forests are primarily second growth, sprouting from harvest which may have occurred as far back as the 1930’s. This secondary growth, as beautiful as it may be, is being impacted by tree mortality and high intensity wildfire. All of these factors make Ponderosa Pine a sustainable and logical raw material for locally produced CLT and other mass timber elements.