• The Timber Age Operating System

Core Values

When important problems are being solved, we believe strong teams are essential. Strong teams rally their various experiences, preferences and talents into the pursuit of a common Mission and Vision in a community guided by common Core Values.

People over production. We seek healthy relationships built on a foundation of honesty, integrity, compassion and authenticity.

Don't miss a chance to create authentic connection.
Relate. Reflect. Refine. Perform.

None of these things happen by accident. We hire and grow team members who place team above self in pursuit of community impact.

We invest in the professional and personal development of one another.

Ever-evolving and adapting, we must continually seek a healthy combination of work, life and especially fun.

Nothing stays the same. The rate of change is ever accelerating.

Our success depends on proactively and creatively demonstrating continuous and measurable improvement.
We value open, transparent sharing regardless of role or position. We work to make ourselves accessible and offer active listening. We focus past a person’s delivery to empathize with underlying motivations and practice humble inquiry. We assume positive intent.

Because safety and the best learning comes in community, we strive to never work alone.


The Timber Age Team

Passionate, driven, grounded and willing to risk for the sake of social change.

Matt Betts 

Value Stream Manager

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Connor Dessel

Director of Customer Experience

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Riley Wanzek

Process Technician

Ryan Bailey

Process Technician

Fernando Murillo

Process Technician

Renata Martinez

Process Technician

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Nick Longoni

Process Technician

Kyle Hanson

Founder and CEO

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Chris Hamm

VP of Building Systems & Engineering

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