Project Portfolio

Hemlock Passive House
Durango Pilot Home
Battle Rock Charter School
Purgatory House Roof
Durango Backyard ADU
Crested Butte Custom Sauna

​Hemlock Passive House

The Hemlock Passive House is the culmination of of a partnership between AG Architects and Timber Age Systems to build and install the first certified passive house constructed with the TAMBS. The home is three levels, with an ICF basement supporting two levels of TAMBS assemblies.

Situated on a hillside in Saugerties, NY, this home frames a beautiful landscape with Timber Age™ Ponderosa Pine CLT in a comfortable, highly energy-efficient space. AG Architects is excited to offer the Hemlock Passive House design as the basis for a stock home design focused on efficiency and affordability.

​​​Battle Rock Charter School Library

The Battle Rock Charter School Library follows several years of collaboration between Timber Age, the Battle Rock School and Clark & Chapin Architects providing a new library for the students and faculty.

Timber Age was privileged to provide the TAMBS system and oversee construction of the project. The building provides classroom and meeting spaces for the school in an inviting space surrounded by locally-harvested Ponderosa Pine CLT. The library is the second building to fully utilize TAMBS (Timber Age Modular Building System) constructed in Southwest Colorado and the first Mass Timber building in Montezuma County.

​Durango Backyard ADU

Timber Age™ partnered with Mesa Architecture Studio to provide a TAMBS office ADU placed in the customer's backyard in Durango, CO. 

Prior to final assembly for the customer, Timber Age™ was given the opportunity to feature the structure in Washington D.C. for the Housing and Urban Development Innovative Housing Showcase. This long journey allowed us to test the durability of our system in transit as well as demonstrate the ability to both assemble and disassemble structures. After traveling over 4,000 miles the ADU came to its final resting place in Durango. 

​Purgatory Timber Frame Roof

Timber Age was approached by a local homeowner and engineer who had purchased a timber frame kit home from another manufacturer. The home had originally been specified with a SIP roof system, but the owner preferred both the look and the environmental advantages of the TAMBS. We were happy to assist in designing a roof system to accommodate the existing timber frame structure. Once the framing was complete, the TAMBS roof was dropped in to place with a crane and crew of four people in eight hours of work.

Timber Age™ is excited to showcase a hybrid project using TAMBS and more traditional building methods. 

​Osborn Family Outdoor Kitchen

The Osborn Family, key advisors to Timber Age from the very beginning, proposed a concept for an outdoor kitchen housing a smoker and grill providing a space to celebrate the fantastic climate of southwest Colorado with friends and family over a great meal.

This project allowed Timber Age the opportunity to create a Ponderosa Pine CLT structure satisfying the 2018 Wood Innovation Grant funding the founding of Timber Age. The humble initial ideas culminated in the first Ponderosa Pine CLT-based Mass Timber building in Colorado. Timber Age partnered with Lighthouse Construction from Mancos, Colorado to erect the timber frame trusses and CLT panel systems. Have a look at the photo gallery to see the evolution of the Osborn Kitchen.

​Crested Butte Sauna

The Crested Butte Sauna was the brainchild of an innovative architecture student seeking to design and build an outdoor space for health and rest on his family's property in Crested Butte, CO. Timber Ageworked with the family to develop a very unique solution making this incredible structure come to life. The skeleton was constructed using Timber Age's Ponderosa Pine CLT adorned with machined plywood ribs to attached the rounded rainscreen facade. The interior was adorned with waterproofing membrane and cedar plank to create a truly one-of-a-kind Sauna experience. 


Throughout the development of the TAMBS, Timber Age™ constructed several uninsulated outbuildings using Ponderosa Pine CLT. These buildings have ranged from storage sheds to mailrooms and small offices. These structures provided quick and extremely durable solutions fulfilling customers needs and allowing small scale experiments utlilizing different construction methods.