Build with a system that saves time and improves working environment

Off-site construction is still relatively limited in the U.S., but its  benefits can be tremendous for those willing to learn!

Elevate your services by using a system designed for ease of construction and safety

Diligent planning ensures a quality product

Each TAMBS project arriving on a jobsite has been meticulously planned out prior to assembly, down to the order in which panels are offloaded. The use of CNC machining and a detailed drawing for each panel ensure accurate fit for structures assembled in a matter of days or weeks, instead of months.

Safer, more comfortable working environments

TAMBS projects arrive cladding ready allowing a single trip around the building to seal panel seams and install siding. This approach minimizes time on ladders and scaffolding while reducing exposure to the elements. With all insulation, waterproofing and structural components placed at once, the rest of the trades can work in a comfortable protected environment inside the structure.

Easy button for code compliance

The standard TAMBS assembly, with an insulation value of R-52 and 10x the air tightness of typical construction, ensures a structure which is passive house ready, far exceeding current code requirements. 

A cleaner job site and healthier environment

Building with an off-site system vastly reduces the amount of wood waste and other trash generated on job sites. This saves time and money on trash removal, and minimizes impact to surrounding properties during construction. Extended supply chains and industry's typical foam-heavy approach to high-performance building generates buildings with low operating energy but high overall carbon footprints. TAMBS is a nearly foam free assembly utilizing dense packed cellulose insulation (recycled paper treated with borate) everywhere other than door and window jambs. 

Interested in learning more about building with TAMBS? We are always looking for more bulider partners curious about off site construction.